Area 53 Communications Team (CommsTeam)

Recently an ad hoc Communications Team was appointed by the Area Chairperson, Marcia H., to provide website services for Area 53.

It was suggested to the chair that a team approach, with a workload distribution among more members, would better serve the needs of Area 53.
The CommsTeam, is hoping to attract new members with minimal web development and "News" editing experience.

Currently, the team is comprised of two past Area 53 Website Administrators who are helping guide the team to make the various page edits and postings, as well as members with less experience including DCMs and Area Officers.

Koel D, DCM-15, is serving as chair of this ad hoc Committee.

To submit content for the Area 53 Website including edits to existing pages, Items for the News Letter, and group events to the calendar, please email .

For events, the submission should include a written descriptive paragraph or two to attract members to the event and any event flyer attached.
Members can expect an updated report on the activities of the Area 53 Communications Team at the June 4th Area 53 Assembly.

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