Introducing the New ‘Jacketless’ Big Book

First printed in 1939, Alcoholics Anonymous—known as the Big Book—has carried the A.A. message of recovery for 83 years. Translated into 72 languages, and counting, the Big Book continues to reach millions of people in approximately 180 countries, helping suffering alcoholics around the world.With recent and ongoing supply chain disruptions that have resulted in printing and delivery delays of A.A. literature, the Publishing Department at GSO looked for ways to decrease the manufacturing time of hardcover books and reduce back orders. One solution is the new ‘jacketless’ Big Book, which will be available to order in 2023.

The jacketless cover format, known as “paper over board” hardcover, has a printed cover treatment in which the dust jacket cover image is printed on the book itself, thus eliminating the considerable production time needed for sourcing materials and adding a separate paper jacket. A jacketless Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions (Item B-2) is also in the works and promises to reduce delivery time.

Read more in the Winter 2022 issue of Box 459:

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