Reflections on Service Work…

Maria C., District 26 DCM -

I am currently enjoying a service position that I know will become one of my favorite memories. Since I am now the DCM for District 26, I have gained awareness that I am committing to obligations and performing duties I never thought possible for myself. Responsibilities such as holding scheduled meetings with the GSR’s of District 26, organizing events, distributing information, and getting out of my comfort zone by attending Area 53 meetings that I know nothing about. This experience of being a DCM has brought into my world relationships with a group of
wonderful individuals who care about the fellowship of A.A. and contribute generously, which is such a blessing to see and feel. This is most definitely a "WE" Program!


Stan B., District 17 DCM -

I went to my first Area 53 Assembly at 8 months sober as an Alternate GSR. I did this because that is what my sponsor said I should do and at that time, I did not really enjoy it; however, this program has always asked me to do things I do not want to do. Personally, I have found that if I do what I want to do, it usually does not work out as planned. Service work has allowed me to turn gratitude into an Action. I
am forever grateful for God, A.A., and sponsorship.


We would like this to be a reoccurring article in the newsletter sharing the service experiences of our Trusted Servants

If you would like to share your “Reflection on Service Work”,please send it to Attn: Marcia H.

We look forward to hearing from you as we trudge the Road of Happy Destiny.
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