Purposed Changes to Area 53 Guidelines

  1. A proposed change to the guidelines. Was submitted. To our area chair person. Who presented them. To our area committee October 8th 2023.
  2. These proposed changes were presented today at our Area 53 assembly meeting. At that time. Limited discussion. And a vote to consider, The proposed change was taken. 41 in house and 5 On the Zoom platform.  Were in favor, it Passed
  3. Now that these changes are to be considered., the area secretary, will distribute a copy of the proposed change to all voting members of the Area 53 assembly within 15 days of the meeting. During which the vote to consider was taken.
  4. Changes to be considered will be presented to each area group. By their respective GSRS. And the group’s conscience on a proposed change assessed.
  5. At the following. March 10, 2024. Area Assembly meeting. The proposed change which was approved for consideration, will be presented for possible adoption. A two-thirds (2/3) majority vote is needed. At that time to adopt the proposed change.

Area 53 Guidelines

Purposed Guideline Changes

Thank you for your participation. And have a Safe and Happy Holiday.

Joe M P73/A53 Recording Secretary


(614) 680-1153

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