Reflections on Service Work…

Frank G. – Past Delegate, Area 53, Panel 67 and Current Archivist for Area 53 


Service and Sobriety:  My service began in early recovery when my sponsor insisted (made me) shake people’s hands when I walked into the door and help clean up after the meeting. I saw no value in doing these duties nevertheless, I did them anyway. I did not recognize, realize, or understand that doing so, would afford me a chance for sanity and sobriety. 


Fast forward to today…Step 12 reminds me when all measures fail, work with another alcoholic. This means to me that when prayer, inventory and other’s wisdom does not seem to work, I should stop thinking of only myself and be of value to someone or something else. It is astonishing how powerful our spiritual paradoxes work when we apply them. 


Participating in District and Area has enhanced my understanding of how important it is to practice patience, tolerance and to keep an open mind. Being involved has helped me develop a genuine effort to listen and to consider another person’s point of view based on our thirty-six principles. I learned it can be beneficial to change my mind for the good of all concerned. Service without demand, awakens me to a quality of wellness in AA, family, and community.  


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