What is Bridging The Gap?

When our Area 53 volunteers take meetings into the various treatment facilities around the region, they meet many people who are without hope. Perhaps they have been in similar facilities multiple times and have not yet gotten clean and sober. Perhaps they have no friends or family left to turn to when they return to the community. Bridging the Gap is intended to help those folks get to their first AA meeting after they leave treatment and give them a sober connection in their first fragile days. 


Those residents who have completed the contact cards, which are available in the AA meetings we bring into the facilities, will receive a call from one of our volunteers, who will help them find the AA meetings close to where they are moving to. Some volunteers even pick them up and take them. This has turned into a sponsor/sponsee relationship in some cases and a true road to recovery.  

If you would like to join us in this service opportunity, contact the Treatment Facilities Committee through our website. You can take a meeting into a facility and/or call on a Bridging the Gap resident who has just left treatment. We encourage you to join us and feel that sense of joy that taking action can give you. 

Randy B. 

BTG Coordinator  

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