Reflections on Service Work…

Julia P., District 30 DCM
Service work saves lives and I have seen how it has been a lifeline for me at times. Service work puts me in a position where I can gain humility, practice cultivating patience and tolerance and grow and even learn something. Along the way, when I am willing to serve, and I put myself in a service position I know I get a lot out of it. One of the things that happens right off the bat is that I meet and talk to new people and by doing so, I get a chance to connect with others.

Working with others gives me a chance to get out of myself which always helps me gain perspective on life. I love life, I strive to live sober, one of the insurance policy’s I invest in my recovery is maintaining the three sides of the triangle - recovery unity and service.
I hope to meet you along the way

“as we trudge the road of happy destiny…”


Barbara M., Chair – Intergroup Liaison Committee
Service work started out for me as a natural consequence of being in the meetings. I wanted more of what I was finding in AA. Was there anything I could do? “Make coffee!” was the enthusiastic response.
I went to meetings wherever I was and whenever they happened. They were my nourishment. I stepped up whenever I saw a need. My commitments, even if only to be there for another, also kept me on track, making meetings when my ego might have tempted me otherwise.
Service work brings me in touch with A.A. members. “I want my foot in the door of AA every day!” was my favorite saying. Today, I understand that the group conscience picks its servants; they recognize who can do the job. Seeing an A.A. member eagerly looking to participate, is the hope and life of A.A.

We would like this to be a reoccurring article in the newsletter sharing the service experiences of our Trusted Servants

If you would like to share your “Reflection on Service Work”,please send it to Attn: Marcia H.

We look forward to hearing from you as we trudge the
 Road of Happy Destiny.
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