Reflections on Service Work…

Doug E., Chair - Correctional Facilities Committee
Engaging in service with A.A. helps to ground my ego and reinforces my humility. I did not understand this connection early in my sobriety because I still harbored selfish behaviors. I also did not appreciate that you must give it away repeatedly to keep it and have a spiritual awakening. This is not a “one and done “event. Service work allows me to put others before myself.
My service work as Chair of the Area 53 Correctional Facilities Committee has really enhanced my spirituality and sobriety. I have given leads at meetings during my sobriety, however my leads at the State Correctional facilities have left an indelible impression on my spirit. On one occasion, after I told my story, a lady stood up. She was sobbing and said that she has struggled with the concept of a “higher power” for some time. She said that she really connected with my lead and for the first time genuinely believed that a higher power had put me in that room to help her that night. I replied that our higher power had put us both in that room to help each other. That was the case and her response really moved me emotionally and spiritually.


Yvette D., GSR – Marietta Serenity Group

Service work has tremendously enhanced my sobriety by providing me with yet another huge support network. I have found that many of the A.A.’s involved in service actively practice the three legacies - Recovery, Unity, Service - and strive to live by spiritual principles. Additionally, they are so willing to share their experience, strength, and hope when I have questions or just want to know “why.” I am amazed repeatedly with the amount of support, guidance, and fellowship I receive.

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