Special Election for Alternate Registrar 

At the September 10, 2023, Assembly, Area 53 will have a special election for the Panel 73 Alternate Registrar. The duties of the Registrar and Alternate Registrar center on keeping up-to-date records of trusted servants and their contact information and the administration of sign in at area service meetings. The term of the position will be for the remainder of 2023 through December 2024. 

Article V – Area 53 Assembly Officers of the Area 53 Guidelines states the following regarding Area 53 Assembly Officers: 

2) All area officers shall be elected using “Third Legacy Procedures” as outlined in The A.A. Service Manual.  

3) All area officers shall have a vote at both the Area Assembly meeting and the Area Committee meeting.  

4) All area officers shall serve a term of two years.  

5) All officers or their alternates, unless otherwise specified, are expected to attend all Area Service activities, one state mini conference outside of Area 53 and are encouraged to attend the Ohio State Convention and the Regional Convention and Regional Forum. 

Article VI- Duties of the Officers of the Area 53 Guidelines, states the duties of the Alternate Registrar as follows: 

  1. a) Shall cooperate with the Group Services Committee by exchanging group, district, and Area change information. 
  2. b) Shall perform the duties of the Registrar in his or her absence. 
  3. c) Shall perform other duties as assigned by the Area assembly.

If you have any questions about the position of Alternate Registrar, please do not hesitate to contact Marcia H., Area 53, Panel 73 Chair at or 614-589-1788.  Thank you for your service. 

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