Treatment Centers Wanted

Greetings Members!

Do you work at a Treatment Facility and would like the Committee to cooperate with your facility on carrying the message of recovery? We are looking for additional facilities to go into so if we are not going into yours then please reply. We will work with your Facility Administration and bring in the message of hope!
Why would you want us other than helping the still sick and suffering? 
1) We provide literature for the patients in an IN-Patient Facility.
2) We support the outgoing patient on their release date with our BTG Program.
What does Bridging the Gap do? Simple really.
The Committee provides Temporary Contacts designed to help the alcoholic in a treatment program make that transition into outside meetings and sober life once they are released. Phone calls, offered rides, sponsorship or an in person meeting directory are what our volunteers do for the new man or woman in your Facility!
Jason S
Treatment Facility Committee
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