Reflections on Service Work…

Tami O. – Area 53 Accessibilities Committee Secretary
My name is Tami, and I am an alcoholic. When I first came into the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous, setting up chairs and greeting at the door were ways for me to integrate with this unfamiliar environment, to be useful while beginning to understand the program, the fellowship and how to live soberly. After being in the program and my home group for some time, I began to see and understand the group service positions and could even see myself in that role. I had grown in the program and in my life a little and was starting to accept my new life more each day. I was asked to be of service, and I wanted to continue to grow, and to help make the meeting happen. In this way, a homegroup service position serves the community, holding space for alcoholics to come together in recovery and help each other stay sober the way the founders had so many years ago. The other members of my home group were supportive and helped me every step of the way. Being the treasurer for my home group helped me to regain confidence in myself. The group trusted me when I did not trust myself.


I was asked to be part of the Area 53 Accessibilities Committee and I agreed. I was not sure I had anything to offer and secretly thought the other committee members would see that quite soon. This committee needed a secretary, and I had administrative work experience so I offered to be the secretary thinking this would be a way to be useful when I had little else to contribute. Being the secretary of the Accessibilities Committee proved to me again that my perception of myself and my world is not always accurate. The committee members supported me and helped me to find my place and leverage my strengths. They appreciated me when I did not appreciate myself. I learned that everyone has something to contribute because we are all in this program and have seen the miracle of this program happen.


We want to ensure this miracle is available to everyone and for that we all have a spot to fill, a role to play, a voice. I learned about myself as I learned about others. I met and fellowshipped with new members. I was able to learn about service at the district, area, national and international levels. The truth is there is a place for everyone in service, and service helps us to grow in our program and in our selves. I am so grateful when I have a chance to be of service because it brings a calmness to my life, peace, and a fresh, positive outlook. Getting outside of myself by being of service is key to my recovery journey and a blessing to my soul.

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