Vacancies at General Service and Grapevine Corporate

The AA Grapevine Corporate Board will have a vacancy for the position of Non-Trustee Director following the General Service Conference in April 2024. The Board of Trustees has requested that the AA Grapevine Board’s recommendation be presented for this position to the trustees’ Nominating Committee for review at its January 2024 meeting. Since resumes need to be screened and applicants interviewed by members of our Corporate Board in a timely fashion, the process must begin well in advance.

Announcement from the AA Grapevine regarding a vacancy for non-trustee director of the AA Grapevine Board in 2024


At the General Service Conference in April 2024, Class B regional trustees from the West Central and Western Canada regions will be elected to succeed Mike L. and Irma V., respectively.

Announcement from AA General Service Board regarding vacancies coming up in April 2024.

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