Note from Your Delegate

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Area 53 is this year’s host of the 2017 Ohio State Convention. Our committee has several experienced members that have participated in putting together informative, entertaining conventions and mini conferences. This State Conference is no exception. The committee has arranged speakers from young people groups, Alanon and of course A A ,with amusing activities at the end of the day.

Myself, I really enjoy talking to 12 steppers all over Ohio and neighboring states at the conventions. If a member is more into learning the perspectives of A A principles, information that we get on the six panels throughout the conference or more into the entertainment and fellowship, we offer both and much more for you! Bring your spouse or companion; plenty of activities for them to do nearby.

Please register as soon as possible July 28 is around the corner. Go to and look for State Convention.

When at the State Conference, please ask about the General Service Conference experience in New York.

Frank G., Delegate Area 53 Panel 67

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