Reimbursement for the 2022 Ohio State Convention

Last Updated on July 21, 2022 by Technical Advisor

With the Ohio State Convention fast approaching, we want to remind Area 53 trusted servants that the Area 53 2022 budget contains sufficient appropriations to cover a portion of your expenses for this event.


To request that your registration and banquet be paid, please complete the registration form below and mail it to the indicated address along with a note that you are requesting this be covered by Area 53. Or you may e-mail the completed form to .


Please note that funds are limited but currently Area 53 should be able to cover as many GSRs and DCMs who attended the Area 53 Mini Conference. There are plenty of funds remaining to cover officers and standing committee chairpersons. The limit on reimbursement of expenses is $100 per person.


If any officer qualifying for expense reimbursement has already paid the expense, you may contact the treasurer with your proof of payment.


Download the 2022 Ohio State Convention registration form.

Visit the 2022 Ohio State Convention home page.

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