New Sign-Up Forms on Treatment Facilities Committee Page

Last Updated on May 23, 2022 by Technical Advisor

The Treatment Facilities Committee now has a new method for collecting both meeting sponsor volunteers and meeting requests. On the TFC web page, you’ll find two new buttons:

  • Is your treatment center interested in bringing in an AA meeting?This button is to be used by the general public and professionals who wish to have an AA meeting brought into their facility (aka an “H&I meeting”). Please share the TFC page with any facilities you may know that are in need!A TFC H&I meeting is designed to show the newcomer in a treatment setting “What AA IS and What AA is NOT”. These meetings also offer an opportunity for potential AA members to request a temporary contact from the TFC, also known as “Bridging The Gap” volunteers.Meeting sponsor volunteers are matched with facilities that use this form.
  • Do you want to volunteer to take an AA meeting into a treatment center?The TFC has what is known as a “meeting sponsor.” Meeting sponsors are AA members who are responsible for a regular commitment at a treatment center, usually weekly at a designated day and time. The meeting sponsor chairs the meeting, helps explain “What AA IS and What AA is NOT”, and brings guest speaker(s) to share their experience, strength, and hope with the residents. We usually suggest at least 2 AA members go into a facility for each treatment meeting (and no more than 4).Meeting sponsors also keep in touch with the TFC, help maintain cooperation with the facility and its policies while in adherence to AA’s traditions, and help maintain a positive relationship between AA and facility administration.Meeting sponsors are supplied with literature and other materials they will need for their meeting from the TFC.

    We recommend volunteers to review the TFC handbook on our webpage, which contains other guidelines for meeting sponsors.


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