Upcoming April Meeting for CPC-PI Committee

Last Updated on January 30, 2019 by Area 53 Web Team

Area 53 CPC-PI committee will meet Sunday April 5 at 2pm at Maple Grove Church, 7 W Henderson Road as noted on the Area calendar.

The March committee meeting was cancelled due to weather, and requests continue to come in from many sources.

Activities since last news:
Literature display racks stocked and taken to Mini Conference; request for display at October District 16 event; and information shared with/by GSO CPC desk staffer Racy J. She also gave the committee a copy of Advisory Board Actions 1951-2014. I gave committee report to Assembly. Literature rack restocked and taken to St. Peters Health Fair on March 22. Thanks to Ed S for help. Most who stopped were other Health Fair exhibitors. Rack then displayed at Resource Fair March 23 at Miami Jacobs Career College, 150 E Gay. Thanks Madeline H. for attending on late notice. Contacts were made with administrative faculty, as well as individuals.

Thanks for your interest and participation in carrying the message thru this means.

In Service,

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