Delegate’s Report | September 14, 2014

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Delegate’s Report
September 14, 2014

Thanks to Central and SE Ohio AA groups and to the general service assembly for the trust you placed in me to represent and serve you these past two years.

The following is the significant activities and information I feel groups should be informed of as regards carrying the message in Central and SE Ohio, in our state, our region and AA as a whole.

In July and August more than 600 randomly selected groups in the US and Canada participated in an in an AA membership survey. Central and SE Ohio groups numbering seven (7) joined in the survey too. The information collected will be included in the 2014 AA membership pamphlet, P-48, which should be produced next year. This pamphlet is used to inform the general public, the media and professionals who clients possibly are alcoholic. Information collected includes average age of members, average sobriety time, members occupations, marital status, number of meetings AAs attend and average size of AA meetings, etc.

The groups participating were New Life Direction, Zanesville; Sunday Variety, Marietta; SOA, Springfield; Rush Hour Recovery, Reynoldsburg; and, in Columbus, Open Door, Real Recovery Women’s, and Roundtable Discussion. Thanks for the support from COGF, AOIO, District 12, District 7, District 15 and the Area 53 trusted servants — especially the trusted servants in the AA groups.

Thanks to the groups for sending me and seven other Area 53 trusted servants to participate in the East Central Regional / 58th Ohio State Conference in Perrysburg Ohio on July 25 – 27. The sharing session I participated on was on Area registrars and recording/mailing secretaries. The information shared there will help future registrars more effectively serve the groups, and keep the AA community better informed about carrying the message through group, district, and service committee events and activities. It was apparent that digital communication continues expanding faster and becoming more wide-spread as a tool for communications. The East Central Region is one of six in the US and includes Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin. AA news and information is being profoundly influenced by digital communication and it seems we may be just scratching the surface as regards using the internet and Area web sites.

For those who missed the COGF and Area 53 co-sponsored Unity Day, I can tell you it was a great AA history day on August 17 at Hannah Park in Gahanna Ohio. The COGF and Area 53 Archives were there. And the presentation about COGF and Area 53 history and the history of the 1939 original Big Book were all very inspiring and informative. Area 53 Archivist Tom V was the AA lead.

The Final Report of the 64th General Service Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous is now available. I will be at Rule 62 Day with copies of the 88-page booklet that sums up the actions, sharing and reports of AA World Service and Grapevine and General Service Board of trustees of Alcoholics Anonymous. See me in Gahanna at Hannah Park on Sunday September 21.

Finally, now available is the 6-month information on group contributions to ‘New York’ (General Service Board/GSO). If your group has a GSR you have already received the record GSO has on your personal group’s contribution. Group contributions through June of 2014 are down 8 percent from the same time in 2013. If you want to know how your money is spent by GSO/General Service in the world service office in New York, read the Conference report. The yellow booklet is jammed with interesting reports and descriptions of the breadth of services provided by the world service office (GSO).

If you want to know how your groups contributions to AA World Service office in New York carry the message just contact me on the email listed on this web site.

Thanks again for your trust,
Dave C
Area 53 Central and SE Ohio, Delegate

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