Area 53 Proposed Guideline Change – Assembly Dates

A proposed guideline change will be presented at the December 2018 Area Assembly for a vote at the March 2019 Area Assembly.

Each of the four Ohio General Service Areas holds their mini-conference in March each year. The negotiated schedule for these mini-conferences to allow all four area delegates to attend each mini-conference. Area 55 meets the first full weekend in March; Area 53 meets the second weekend; Area 56 meets the third weekend; and Area 54 meets the fourth weekend.

Current Area 53 Guidelines states that the Area Assembly is the second Sunday of March, and that the mini-conference occurs the weekend of this assembly. Every so often, the second Sunday of March falls in the first full weekend in March. When this occurs (for example in 2020), our mini-conference and assembly weekend conflicts with the Area 55 mini-conference.

The proposed guideline change is intended to respect the negotiated mini-conference schedule for the Ohio areas by designating that the Area 53 March Assembly is held on “the Sunday of the Area 53 Mini-Conference weekend.

See Other Reports and Materials tab on the Assembly Page for more details.

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